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The Best Cities In Italy For Tourists


Italy is a country with many beautiful and historic cities that are well worth a visit. Travelling to and from them is best done by train, which is fast and cheap, whereas driving can be difficult at times. If the idea of a train trip across Italy sounds like a good idea, then have a look through this guide of the best Italian cities.



Rome is the capital city, full of history, where you can find many ancient monuments, medieval churches, beautiful fountains, as well as memorable museums. Modern Rome is a bustling and lively city, with excellent restaurants and nightlife. The main attractions include The Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum.


Venice is an incredible city built on water located in the northeast of Italy. It’s also one of the most romantic cities, becoming very popular with all tourists but especially couples. The heart of Venice is the Piazza San Marco, which includes the cathedral of the same name, and from the surrounding canals you can hop on some of the cities more memorable gondola tours.


Florence is was an artistic and cultural centre for the Renaissance, and is found in the Tuscany region of the country. Its main attractions are the marvellous cathedral and the Baptistery, while it also has interesting museums that house renowned paintings and sculptures.


Milan is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, known for its elegant shops, galleries, restaurants and also its extensive artistic and cultural heritage. Il Duomo Cathedral stand outs, as well as the La Scala theatrical museum.


Naples is one of the most vibrant cities in Italy and the most important in the south of the country. Naples has been undergoing some renovations, although it still seeks to maintain that traditional aspect of its culture, within which are many historical sites and works of art.


Bologna is an interesting place known for its beauty, its culinary wealth and education. Its streets are full of beautiful porticos, making it a great place to walk through no matter the weather. It also houses one of the oldest universities in Europe and an abundance of picturesque squares.

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