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5 Reasons To Travel By Yourself


Are your friends being boring this year? Have you just broken up with your partner and need to get away for a while? Travelling on your own isn’t a lonely experience, far from it! While having someone else to help plan and organise a trip is helpful, you can learn so much from being forced to do everything on your own, and you get to do everything your way with no compromises. So if you want to travel alone but need a little push to get started, check out these reasons to travel without the baggage!


1. Scheduling

It’s very likely you know someone that would love to go on whatever trip you’re planning, but it’s impossible to agree on dates that suit both/all of you. You want to go in July, but your friend is on a family holiday, they want to go in August, but you start a new job then. Then there’s the money problem. The year where you save so well for a dream holiday and your travel buddy is skint, and vice versa.

2. Meeting people

Even though travelling with your friends is super fun, you tend to stick together and not make many new friends, well during the day at least! When you travel on your own you’ll feel invigorated to start chatting to people, hear their stories and have the chance to make friends that may last a lifetime. Especially true if you’re on an extended trip with strangers, like a tour.

3. Independence

When you don’t have anyone with you holding you back, you can be flexible and change your plans. If there’s a late night street party, there’s no one with you that can tell you they don’t feel like going and they need the hotel key. Find your own path and don’t tie yourself to other people.

4. Challenge yourself

I will champion travelling solo for the rest of my days, but there’s no escaping that it can have its challenges. Whether that’s problems with a booking, missing a flight or losing your luggage, you’ll discover exactly who you are in these moments. If you rise to the challenge and face your insecurities, you’ll come back home feeling better than ever.

5. Be who you want to be

We all have a side to us that can’t always be shown around people we know. When meeting people on your own, you have the freedom to be whoever you want to be, which isn’t always possible back home.

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