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Top 3 European Destinations for Couples


Whether you are in the early stages of your relationship or already have a family, there is nothing quite like getting away for a romantic weekend with your significant other. And we have to admit that living in Europe really does boast some great advantages since we can easily fly to some incredible countries in a relatively short amount of time! So it’s high time that you got planning a romantic European break away!

With so many flights available and to and from loads of different airports, you can pretty much go wherever the wind will take you when you’re in Europe, and you can easily find the ideal romantic destination for you. Even if you’re on a bit of a budget, you don’t have to scrimp on quality and fortunately there are loads of luxurious accommodation options that won’t break the bank. Look out for online deals such as this discount code to make the most of your money. Now read on for out top 3 romantic destinations in Europe.


The Hungarian capital has become an increasingly popular tourist destination in the last few years and this is reflected in just how easy it is to get a flight there these days. One of the biggest cities by area in Europe, there are obviously lots of things to see and do when you’re visiting the city. It has been previously named as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and is the best place for living in Central-Eastern Europe, so obviously it is a city that is well worth visiting. The central area of Budapest lying along the famous Danube River is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and a romantic stroll through this iconic area really is a site to behold. Visit in the sprint-time to avoid the crowds and to enjoy the warmer spring weather.


Whilst Rome and Venice might be the more lauded Italian cities, the ancient city of Florence is an absolutely fantastically romantic city to visit as a couple. Not only is it the capital of the famed and obviously beautiful region of Tuscany, but it is also a city with an incredibly rich culture. During medieval times it was one of the wealthiest merchant cities in all of Europe, and the architecture that is left-over from this time and which permeated the city is magnificent. Like with Budapest, its city centre is a UNESCO site, so whatever little side street you happen to wander down hand-in-hand, is guaranteed to be lovely.


For a city break that is just a short hop across the water, then the Belgium city of Bruges is simply ideal for a romantic break away. Often referred to as the Venice of the North this city is filled to the brim with canals and incredible medieval architecture. It experienced a Golden Age from the 12th to 15th Century and as a consequence this historical city is still a global city with a prestigious university and important trade. Aside from that it boasts gorgeous streets, lovely buildings and offers you a step back in time.


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