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Best Places for Health Treatment in the UK


When it comes to health care, in the UK it’s true that we’re incredibly lucky with the huge choice that we have. From the trusty old NHS to prestigious private institutions that are at the fore-front of medical innovation, getting good health care is always possible.

Depending on what ails you, it is always a good idea of course to make sure that you are visiting specialists in the field. The choice can be almost over-whelming so we’ve put together a little guide according to the specialism of some of the best treatment centres in the UK. Read on to find out more.

Mental Health & Well-Being

The Priory in London is one of the most prestigious and well-known psychiatric hospitals in the world and is known as much for its advanced and innovative treatments as it is for its celebrity clientele. This once private house turned hospital is in fact London’s oldest psychiatric hospital having been treating patients since 1872. At the head of the Priory Group which runs 42 hospitals and teaching schools within the UK, the split between private and NHS patients is around 50/50 meaning that people of all backgrounds can gain access to treatment at The Priory. From treatment for illnesses like depression and anxiety to addiction services, as well as treatment centres for children with disorders like autism, The Priory remains a huge part of mental health services in the UK.

Children’s Healthcare

Another London hospital that is also world famous is of course Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital which is the UK’s largest paediatric centre. Having been founded way back in 1852, the hospital has been treating children for well over 150 years already and shows no signs of slowing down. With a staggering amount of clinical specialities, it is also one of the largest heart transplant centres for children in the world, and is known for the incredible dedication of the staff to the sick children. As a registered charity, Great Ormond Street is a leader in the research and development of new treatments.


As we are all living longer and fuller lives, around 1 in 3 of us will develop cancer within our lifetimes, however thanks to new breakthroughs and treatments, cancer care has never been so good. One of the most prestigious institutions in the UK is The LOC, which stands for The London Oncology Clinic. With specialists in a huge range of cancer types, they are also leaders in the research and development of new cancer treatments, frequently running clinical trials for the latest drug treatments. With over 80 specialists employed there, learn more about what they do and the treatments they provide at The LOC today.


When it comes to treating severe burns, St Andrew’s Centre for Plastic Surgery and Burns in Chelmsford is up there amongst the best in the world. With incredible survival rates that have improved drastically in the last 25 years, it services the most severely burned patients in the London and south-east area. With their advanced intensive care and innovations not only in the treatment of burns but also the after-care of them, burns victims are in the very best of hands at this centre.

In the future it is likely that UK institutions will continue to contribute and make strides in improving medical care even more and we’re so lucky that we have access to it.

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